Musk Trolled Jeff Bezos After He Launches Blue Origin Company’s Plan For Creating Space Colony

Jeff Bezos is famous for building great companies like Amazon, and now he plans to head into the space industry. Recently, Jeff Bezos launched his plans for creating Mood Lander through his Blue Origin company. Jeff mentioned his vision of creating a space colony which will be able to send more than one trillion people up there. However, now Elon Musk has criticized Jeff by saying that his vision of creating a space colony is not possible and he shouldn’t say such things which will feed an idea in people’s mind.

Musk criticized Jeff that this Moon Lander is not good enough and he trolled it by saying “Moon balls”. Jeff Bezos has always been interested in exploring new opportunities for building new ventures, and that’s why he has entered into Space travelling industry. There are lots of people who consistently criticized his move of starting this startup because they think it’s not worth it and Amazon is investing in such type of businesses. Jeff Bezos is the world’s richest man, and he is trying to diversify Amazon by investing in ventures like Blue Origin. Elon Musk is famous for criticizing and creating some controversies.

Musk is always active on Twitter, and after ridiculing Jeff’s idea of sending people on space, he is facing some opposite reaction from his followers. Musk specifically mentioned that Jeff with this new launch is creating an unachievable hype which is not suitable for anyone. Even if this idea might look dumb to Elon Musk, some scientists have developed a similar theory on building space colonization for human survival. According to Jeff what he is trying to do is creating an infrastructure for the future generation which will help them quickly to achieve the vision of building space colonization. Now it will be interesting to see how Jeff is going to react on these comments of Elon Musk.

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