Google Fi Now Supports Visual Voicemail on iPhone

Google Fi’s iOS App now supports the Visual Voicemail for iPhone devices. With this feature, the Google Fi app users on iPhone users can receive the Visual Voicemail, Read the voicemail transcript, hear the voicemail and reply it directly from within the App. The latest update to the listing on Google Fi’s App on the Apple App Store. The what’s new section of the listing explains all of the new updates and the introduction of Visual Voicemail feature for iOS Devices. Also, the latest update to Google Fi’s iOS App comes with slicker animations and transitions, which are placed.

Google’s Fi Network Carrier service got the rebranding in November 2018, and additionally, it started the services in more states covering the United States. Also, Google started providing support to other Android-powered smartphones that Pixel series devices and iPhones. The support for iPhone devices was limited to some extent as not all of the features were available to the iPhone users. But with this update for iOSapp of Google Fi, it is clear that Google is trying to increase the reach of Google Fi Wireless service to more and more customers.

Even with the support for Visual Voicemail, Google has not introduced the seamless network transition for iPhone devices. With this feature, the users can seamlessly transition from GSM network to CDMA wherever the network in a different mode. All of the Fi-supported Android smartphones do have access to this element, but not the iPhones. Also on iPhone, Google Fi app cannot access iOS Visual Voicemail feature, so the users only have to rely on App based Voicemail feature to read and reply to the received mails. For accessing the traditional voicemail feature, the users will have to call the designated phone number and navigate through the in-call functions via the keypad.

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