steve jobs signatured floppy disk is for sell at $7500

Steve Jobs Signatured Floppy Disk Is For Sell at $7500

When it comes to tech entrepreneurs and visionaries, Steve Jobs’ name will be among the tops. Steve Jobs, along with friend Steve Wozniak, revolutionized the field of personal computers and many other tech fields. Now a floppy disk that has a signature of the co-founder of Apple i.e., Steve Jobs, has been put on sale for $7500. The price of a floppy disk that has been put on sale is even more than a combination of a top-notching MacBook Pro and iPhone X still people would love to buy it because of Steve Jobs. If anyone asked the question of what should be the worth of Steve Job’s signature, then the answer would be $7500 or more.

The floppy disc, along with Steve’s name, it contains Macintosh system tools 6.0 software and according to auctioneers, the disk is pretty much valuable because Steve would never give his autograph without any reason. Experts said that Steve would often decline to provide signatures if he mind them unnecessary, and because of that, this disk might be worth $7500.

Currently, this auction has a bid of $5000, and there is still one week to go to decide the final bidder. So there is a high probability that someone who loves and admires Steve Jobs might purchase it even for more than $7500. However, this is not the first time something like this has happened because a few months ago, Steve Jobs signed poster of Toy Story was sold for a whopping amount of $30000. Steve Jobs was famous at that time; still, people admire him for his contribution to the tech industry. There is no doubt that one of his fans who will be the collector of this disc will pay this much of price to get this memoir.