new strawberry flavored hiv drug has potential to save thousands of children each year

New Strawberry Flavored HIV Drug Has Potential To Save Thousands Of Children Each Year

Each year, nearly 80000 toddlers lose their lives due to AIDS in Africa as the medicine for the disease is packaged in hard pills and bitter syrups. Such bitter and tasteless syrups and pills make it difficult for children to consume it. Cipla, a drug-manufacturing firm has launched a brand new edible drug for AIDS named Quadrimune. The new drug has strawberry flavor granules, which come in the size of sugar grains. It can be mixed with baby cereal and milk. Researchers have said that this medicine could have saved many lives, if it would have been introduced earlier. Quadrimune has come as good news for all the children living with HIV around the world.

The executive director of UNAIDS has said that they have been waiting for medicine for HIV with a good taste, which is easy to consume too. Two decades ago, Cipla had brought a revolution in the provision of AIDS drugs for adults. It cost around $1 a day. The new drug for AIDS-affected children is also likely to be priced at $1 a day for children who are 20 to 30 pounds. It will cost around 50 cents for younger children. New HIV drug has four recommended antiretroviral drugs, which do not need refrigeration. This will be beneficial for Africa, where inconsistent electricity and high temperatures are a matter of concern. Quadrimune has an easy to swallow design, which makes it child-friendly.  It is supposed to reach out to many people who are affected by the dreaded disease. The formulation of the new medicine is a part of Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative. The Researchers have announced it just ahead of World AIDS Day.

Around 160000 children are born with HIV infection each year in the poorest villages and towns of Africa, despite many developments in the prevention of mother-child HIV transmission.  As per the experts, this situation continues to grow due to no access to drugs or unpleasant consumption. Nearly half of the children lose their life earlier than 2 years of age. As of now, the new drug is being reviewed by the FDA.  It is expected to be approved by 2020. The authorization by FDA is touted to be a key development in the wider distribution of medicine.