aukey’s ‘dynamic detect,’ that charges phone and laptop simultaneously.

AUKEY’s ‘Dynamic Detect,’ that charges phone and laptop simultaneously.

AUKEY headquartered in Shenzhen combines the newest technologies with over a decade of hardware proficiency to build & design electronics & mobile tech accessories that are compact and reliable. AUKEY is a team of technicians with a shared appreciation for the fine details & the usefulness of the excessive design. AUKEY is continuously developing & expanding their products with next-generation. This year AUKEY has announced a brand new series of Dynamic Detect chargers, which provide a robust & adaptable charging solution to charge a device like a high-powered laptop, using the same charger one can also fast charge their phone.

The vital advantage of Dynamic Detect as compared to the USB Power Delivery chargers is that the delivery port can adjust the output depending on the number of in-use ports, then merely providing a fixed output. The Dynamic Detect charger is capable of charging large devices like the MacBook, while still fast charging two smartphones at the same time when needed. There are presently five chargers in this series, which are PA-D1 to PA-D5 with further differences planned, which includes an incredibly powerful 5-port model with an output of 110W in total. The 63W PA-D5, which is recently released, includes technology of gallium nitride, which allows remarkably light in weight for such a powerful charger.

The PA-D5 consists of Gann energy that guarantees environment-friendly energy supply to quite a few plugged-in units and through Omni-Energy a lightning-quick charging, & for max portability the foldable prongs. All series of AUKEY Dynamic Detect chargers are available now for purchase in the market. With the flagship PA-D5, the company trades a range of low-watt USB-C & USB-C/USB-A models to of various needs & price.