astronomers spot a massive planet orbiting a red dwarf star

Astronomers Spot a Massive Planet Orbiting a Red Dwarf Star

The astronomers and scientists have found multiple solar systems in the space. With the massive stars orbiting other stars, massive planets orbiting supermassive stars and also the planets orbiting binary stars. But this time, they have found a massive planet orbiting a red dwarf star, which is smaller than our sun. According to the astronomers, the red dwarf stars should not have massive planets orbiting them. In the case of Star GJ 3512, everything is different. The NASA astronomers have found that the two gas giant planets are orbiting the red dwarf star. The planets are half the size of Jupiter and Saturn, but the sheer size of the planets compared to the star is pretty weird.

According to the scientists, the planets orbiting the GJ 3512 star should not the more than the pint-size. That’s why the massive planets orbiting the dwarf star is a surprising moment. The two planets are the size of Jupiter and Saturn. One of the planets is worth half the mass of Jupiter, but still big enough compared to the star. The closest planet to the star takes 214 days to complete the orbit, and another planet takes nearly two earth years to complete the orbit.

Seeing the massive planets orbiting around the GJ 3512 star is not the surprising thing for the scientists. But the gas giant planets revolving around the dying star is the point of attraction. As the solar system develops, the star eats all of the gas and shines brightly. While the other debris like dust and rocks come together to form a planet. In this case, it is interesting to understand how the gas planets survived the entirety of the Red Dwarf planets peak age. According to the astronomers, this is an incredibly rare find.