apple removes like patrol app that let people to stalk activity of friends on instagram

Apple Removes Like Patrol App That Let People To Stalk Activity Of Friends On Instagram

Apple has thrown out creepy app ‘Like Patrol’ from its App Store for violating its policies against data collection. The development comes after Facebook-owned Instagram sent a cease-and-desist letter to the developers of the app last month. Like Patrol allows subscribers to keep constant surveillance on the Instagram activity of other users. The app even allowed subscribers to get notifications when a user they followed liked or commented on a photo. This spying app even lets subscribers to know the activity of other users like whom they have started following. Like Patrol, which tried to make spying on the photo-sharing app easier, calls itself an Instagram Activity Insights app. It targeted people who are in relationships saying the app can be used to monitor their partners’ activity on Instagram.

“New girl? New guy? What are they up to on Instagram? See the post they specifically like with Like Patrol app,” the description of the app says. Users of this app will have to pay a monthly fee to use the services. One can then set up their account and place a target he or she wants to stalk. When the stalking target does an activity like commenting on a post, putting a new post, the user of Like Patrol will be notified. The letter in this regard by Instagram was sent to Apple in later October. Sergio Luis Quintero, the founder of the Like Patrol, said that the company will fight to get back on the App Store.

“We strongly believe Like Patrol does not violate any policy of Apple. We will definitely appeal against this decision in the coming days,” he said.  Quintero also slammed Instagram saying it also violated the same policy with the Following Tab from 2011 to 2019. The app has not appeared in the Google Play Store and it first showed up in Apple’s store in July. The app had less than 300 subscribers and used to charge up to USD 80 a year. The app has not been classified as stalkerware but security experts found that it was encouraging stalking behaviour.