amazon released alexa multi-lingual mode in the united states

Amazon Released Alexa Multi-lingual Mode in the United States

Last week, Amazon announced that they are planning to launch the multilingual mode for Alexa in the United States, Canada, and India. Today, Amazon launched the multilingual mode for Alexa in the United States of America. With the multilingual mode, Alexa voice assistant can speak the combination of English and Spanish, English and French, and Hindi and English. As the feature is currently live for all of the Alexa powered devices in the United States, it can speak in French and Spanish. The feature is still in the development as Alexa Voice’s assistant will learn new phrases with Artificial intelligence.

The users of Echo devices and all other Alexa-powered devices will find the option to turn on multilingual mode from app settings. Currently, only the option to change the language to Spanish is available in the app. But later this month, Amazon will allow users to switch to any of the three languages they want. With the option turned ON, Alexa will support the queries and commands asked in English and Spanish or any other combination of languages. With the new language added to the platform, third-party developers can now develop the apps that support the multilingual mode.

Amazon updated Alexa with all of the skills in the Spanish language. Alexa will have a new voice, local recommendation, hundreds of Spanish language skills, including Univision and Telemundo. From the Alexa app, the users can access Settings and then enable the “Espanol” language to turn ON multilingual mode. Once activated, Alexa will start listening to the commands in Spanish language and reply in the same. When the user asks Alexa for something in English, it will respond in English. But when the user uses Spanish or the language, Alexa will reply in Spanish. The feature is similar in all of the languages, which Amazon will release later this month for Canadian and Indian users.